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Looks Like Sarah Jessica Parker Has Found Her Dream House

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For years Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have led real estate gossips and the paparazzi on one of New York's most epic housing hunts. For a while it looked like the West Village supercouple would be ditching Downtown for Central Park West, but cooler heads prevailed. Instead, they're just shuffling east. The Observer reports that SJP and her Bueller are the mystery buyers who just paid a staggering $18.995 million for the incredible 25-foot-wide Greek Revival townhouse at 20 East 10th Street, between Fifth Avenue and University Place. The evidence is circumstantial, yet convincing!

The 165-year-old home, which was listed for $19.9 million in 2009 before falling off the market, was purchased in March by the Heirloom Trust. The same anonymous organization was also reported to be buying the Pen & Brush club two doors away at 16 East 10th Street, but the deal eventually fell through. According to an Observer source, Parker and Broderick were the ones set to buy the Pen & Brush, and a name on the deed at 20 East 10th Street is Frank Selvaggi, SJP's business manager. A-ha! Carrie's been caught.

Is this quiet Central Village block becoming Hollywood East? Amanda Seyfried just moved in a few doors down. While we ponder, a few more looks inside 20 East 10th Street, which has five bedrooms, seven wood-burning fireplaces and a 24-hour high-tech security system within its 6,800 square feet:

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