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FiDi W Hotel's Neighbor Probably Going Rental at Last

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The empty ICON parking garage (right) that closed down at 111 Washington Street, across from the FiDi W, seems like a fitting image to represent the site, where there's been little movement since 2008. The lot, plus some adjacent ones and air rights, was once part of owner Gerry Brauser's plan for a 300-unit condo building. Then it went into contract to developer Craig Nassi, who imagined a Costas Kondylis-designed hotel. But the 2008 contract never closed once the market slumped, and the spot's been quiet ever since. Until now! The Post reports New York Community Bank has purchased the note on the site, in a deal that's been in the works since the fall. The Post hears that rentals are next in store for the site. Welcome to the club.
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?Photo via PropertyShark.