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Mercedes House Designed for Life That Starts at $2,200/Month

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It's the day we've been waiting for since, well, Monday, when the Eleventh Avenue Enrique Norten-designed zig-zagging rental complex formerly known as Clinton Park hit the market, with a name change to Mercedes House. The building's website has been updated with a handful of renderings and floorplans, collected in the gallery above, and some pricing info. Maybe the "Designed for Life" tag line is meant to convey a back-to-basics approach, because the layouts are straightforward, with no private outdoor space, and the website doesn't even hint at the building's amenities.

Without a Dog City, rents come in a little below those at nearby rival MiMA. At Mercedes House, studios start at $2,200/month, 1BRs at $2,900/month, 1BRs with home offices at $3,600/month, and 2BRs at $3,900/month. The building team is being pretty protective of the place right now, so we haven't yet been allowed inside. Going on a tour? Send any spy pics to the tipline.
· Official website: Mercedes House []
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Mercedes House

555 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019 Visit Website