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Giant Yellow Teddy Bear Takes a Seat on Park Avenue

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[Photos by Will Femia.]

Park Avenue has seen some wild public art spectacles lately, but a 23-foot-tall teddy bear that looks like it fell off God's toy shelf and landed on the sidewalk takes the cake. The sculpture, by New York-based Swiss artist Urs Fischer, is called Untitled (Lamp/Bear), and Christie's will auction it off in May. To build buzz for the sale (the bidding may top $10 million), Christie's got approval to exhibit the 35,000 pound copper cub for five months on the plaza outside the Seagram Building at 52nd Street. The installation process is happening now?the lamp, by the way, actually works?leading to some very confused stares. Though the sculpture looks playful, we wouldn't get too close. Based on what we learned from the Trojan Horse, it's probably filled with North Korean soldiers.
· Giant, 35,000 Pound Yellow Teddy Bear by Artist Urs Fischer to Brighten NYC [Art Daily]