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Missing 109 Square Feet Net 110 Livingston Buyers $150K

It's the end of an era. More than three years after filing a lawsuit against developer Two Trees, two buyers at our old friend 110 Livingston Street have finally settled their suit. The legal odyssey was all a result of 109 square feet that buyers Rishi and Heather Bhandari said were missing from the allegedly 743-square-foot living room of their $795,000 2BR condo. (Maybe it's been hanging out somewhere with the rest of the building ad.) Two Trees refused the Bhandaris' request for a discount, and the Bhandaris refused to back out of their contract, so even though both sides concurred that the apartment matched the advertised 1,137 square feet, the legal fight wound on until March 23, the day jury selection was supposed to take place.
The settlement details: Two Trees agreed to give the Bhandaris' their deposit back, with interest, plus another $150,000. Rishi Bhandari waived the $20,000 confidentiality bonus by talking about the settlement with the Times, but since he's also a lawyer, he's probably made up that amount in legal fees he didn't have to pay someone else. What did the Bhandaris have to do in exchange? Promise not to buy or rent in a Two Trees building for the next four years. There goes that appointment at Mercedes House.
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110 Livingston

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