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9/11 Memorial Plaza in Bloom; Home Makeover Casting Call

FINANCIAL DISTRICT?The rising National September 11 Memorial & Museum has a great website called The Memo Blog that documents the building process and the redevelopment of the World Trade Center. One cool recurring feature is The Lens, photos of the site shot from vantage points sealed off to regular folks. This one ran today, and here's part of the caption: "The branches of the callery pear tree is sprouting buds. Known by many as the 'Survivor Tree' after its recovery from the rubble of 2001, the tree was planted on the plaza of the 9/11 Memorial in December." [The Memo Blog]

TV LAND?Here's a casting call that landed in our inbox for something that sounds familiar. Or maybe not! The "superstar designers" are not named: "A New York-based production company is looking for energetic and vibrant family homeowners in the New York Tri-State area who want their homes to match their family’s personalities, but who may not have the vision to make it happen. Whether it’s your family room, patio, or your kids' playroom/bedrooms, we want to help!" Interested? Read on for more details.

Our design team will bring their eclectic, high-end / low-cost, new-meets-old design philosophy to your home. This will not be just a room makeover; it will be a life-changer! If you think your family’s home and our show might be a good fit, send us an email to with the following information:

* Names, ages [for verification purposes], and occupations of each household member
* Address and contact info (please include e-mail address and cell phone number)
* List of rooms to be styled, photos are a big plus!
* Favorite style you'd like to see (or do you want to be surprised?)
* Your real design budget

Our superstar designers are at your service! We will be shooting between January & May 2011.

[CurbedWire Inbox]