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Stalled Long Island City Building Begins Its Big Comeback

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Long Island City developers, after a brief pause when it looked like the world would end, are once again developing. (And we're not talking about that do-gooder stuff.) The latest unfrozen project is Murray Park at 45th Road between 11th Street and 21st Street, right near the refurbished ball field and playground of, yes, Murray Park. According to liQcity, workers are once again active on the site. Architecture firm Fogarty Finger initially promised 28 live/work lofts in the seven-story building in, whoopsie, "Hunt's Point." But the plans have changed, and we're not just talking about them being successfully airlifted from the Bronx back to Queens.

According to our source in the neighborhood, the building will be 45 units, and it's unclear for now whether the apartments will be condos or rentals. The facade has changed slightly from the old renderings seen above, and amenities will include a gym, library, roof deck and parking. A two-star restaurant and fresh new apartments? Look up "winning" in the dictionary, and all you'll see is a photo of a 7 train pulling up to the Vernon-Jackson stop. Some (possibly dated) interior renderings: