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The Four Walls That Make Up Your Permanent Prison: A Tribute

Our apologies to the folks at New York magazine, for we are just now digging into this week's issue, dedicated to The Apartment. Not The Apartment or The Apartment, but rather, the place where all earthly possessions get crammed into one undersized closet. Where the heat is never on high enough. Where half the take-home pay vanishes on the first of every month. Where there's less resistance to mice annexing the barely working kitchen appliances than Poland offered in 1939. But enough about us.

The feature kicks off with Justin Davidson's epic essay about the history of vertical living. From there, well, to list the highlights would basically be to reprint the magazine, so let's just say that it turns out this apartment is not the city's smallest, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Make sure to check out the guide to 20 on-the-verge microhoods that includes all sorts of silly and fun nicknames including, uh-oh, Pro-Cro. Apparently it's like the Park Slope of 1991, which we guess means that everyone is wearing slap bracelets and Nevermind is blasting out of car windows. That's accurate, right?
· The New York Apartment: A Biography [NYM]