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Big East Village Penthouse Sale Was a Long Time in the Making

Memorable and sometimes unfortunate experiences that last four years include high school, presidential terms, the wait between World Cups...and the time-on-market of apartment #14FL at 240 East 10th street (aka the New Theatre Building). The 3,176-square-foot condo first hit the market in 2007 asking $7 million, and the PriceChopper's been around so much it probably leaves a spare pair of pajamas. But it looks like that private terrace will finally get some use this summer. The apartment's sales team tells us the place has finally sold, for $4.775 million?a number that apparently puts it "among the top 10 in East Village history." All's well that ends well?

And while we're digging into this apartment's personal life, here's the floorplan:

· Listing: 240 East 10th Street [Corcoran]
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