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Uma Thurman Sells Her Village Townhouse With $2.2M Discount

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Uma Thurman has a key to Gramercy Park, but for a while she also held on to her key to, uh, 18 West 9th Street, the gorgeous 5,000sqft, seven-bedroom townhouse for which she was asking $14.2 million last year. The house went into contract in February, and now this story has its happy ending. Real Estate Weekly spotted the closed deal in city records. Even the lovely design couldn't save the house from the discount bin, as the final price was $12 million. But we doubt Uma's complaining: She paid $9.5 million for the place in 2006.

The buyer is a trust connected with Parfums de Coeur, a Connecticut-based fragrance company. We did a little, er, sniffing around, and the company's CEO is one Mark A. Laracy. Could he be the buyer? (UPDATE: The deed was signed by Edward Kaminski, the company's chief financial officer.) A classy celebrity townhouse seems like a good way to spend the profits made from Designer Imposters, whose classic '90s commercial is probably still burned into the brain of every male who came of age in that era. Let's hope the house doesn't get turned into a stinker.
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18 West 9th Street, New York, NY