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The Yotel Has Small Rooms, a Big Terrace and a Robot Bellhop

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[Photos and renderings via Yotel.]

Build a hotel with a Catch Me If You Can meets Blade Runner motif on 42nd Street, and we're going to take notice. Stick that hotel in MiMA, the massive Related Companies-developed tower that seeks to redefine Hell's Kitchen as "Middle of Manhattan" and includes theaters designed by Frank Gehry and a Dog City, and it commands full Curbed attention. Word is spreading that Yotel, which will fill the shorter side of MiMA with 669 ultra-compact budget hotel rooms, will open on June 1. The Daily News and USA Today offer previews, and the Yotel New York website is now full of renderings, photos and details of the various spaces and types of rooms. Oh, and also there's a luggage robot.

Actually, call it the Yobot, a robotic arm that is "the world's most radical approach to storing left luggage." Do check it out the gallery above. Why is the world's most radical approach to storing left luggage needed? Because the "cabins," which start at $149 a night (a steal for Manhattan), are a cozy 167 square feet, bigger than Yotel rooms in other cities, but still unable to hold the suitcases filled with I Heart NY t-shirts that every tourist is forced to leave the Big Apple with. Seriously, it's in their contracts.

We have a feeling that most of the fun at Yotel will be had outside the rooms, anyway. The airport-lounge-style inn claims to have the largest outdoor terrace in New York, and it features two bars, pagodas, and warming fire pits for crisp autumn air. There are other eating and drinking destinations inside, including Dohyo, a restaurant name that comes from the Japanese word for a Sumo wrestling platform. If that's the case, guess the portion sizes will be bigger than the hotel rooms?
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