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NYU-Hating Villager is a Poet and Wants NYU to Know It

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They've tried strategy meetings and loud rallies, but what if the pen is mightier than the placard? So thinks Greenwich Villager and NYU opponent Woody, "who is 62 years old and went to Woodstock," and whose anti-NYU manifesto in verse DNAinfo spotted stuck to Village lamp posts and restaurant windows. A sample:

NYU is planning to

Tear down Bleecker Street
Replace it all with faceless walls,

Nice and straight and neat.
Little Cafe Reggio,
The great Bitter End
They'll become a memory

Blowin' in the wind. Woody hopes it will become an anti-NYU rallying cry, sung to the tune of Bob Dylan's "My Back Pages." NYU has chosen not to go gentle into that good night (sorry) and has responded with some poetic silliness of its own.
NYU spokesman John Beckman sent DNAinfo this response:

"Roses are red, Violets are blue,

The stuff you read on lamp posts. Shouldn't be taken as true.
Forsythia are yellow, Fir trees are green,
Shouldn't people who say they love the Village

Want to keep the lamp posts clean?" Given the current state of NYU's relationship with Greenwich Village, the songs and flowery poetry should devolve to dirty limericks in no time.
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