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Apthorp Ex-Manager Sues Over Cheap Apthorp Apartment

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What controversial Upper West Side condo conversion the Apthorp really needs is, obviously, a touch of One Madison Park. And here it is! Original conversion developer Maurice Mann has filed a lawsuit against his former partners, Apthorp Associates and Broadwall Management, alleging that they failed to follow through on their promise to sell him apartment 2C at the building. We feel his pain: why enter condo conversion crazyville if not for the discounted apartments? The whole saga is narrated by The Real Deal's David Jones, who explains that the developers agreed to give Mann apartment 6A once the deal for 2C fell through.

But 6A was needed as a model unit, and when Mann asked to buy 10A, he says he was told there would be no deal after all. Mann would now like the right to purchase the apartment, plus damages. We know at least one part of the story is true: 6A (above) is a model unit, because it'll be on display this weekend. The guy in the Groucho glasses at the open house? Probably Maurice Mann.
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Apthorp Building

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