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Creating a "Light Box" Inside a Classic Townhouse

After Bertina Ceccarelli and her architect husband Brendan Coburn got married, the two of them were on a mission. They were looking for a total wreck of a townhouse somewhere around Cobble Hill or Carroll Gardens. They found the gut-job on Sackett Street and quickly picked the place up for $575,000 back in 2002. After putting in $550,000 in renovations, they had the house of their dreams. A townhouse full of light with a modern aesthetic was the outcome with "a switchback staircase in the middle of the house, punctuated with landings made of slabs of glass and topped by a skylight that lets sunlight flood the room." Oh, and the only disagreement they had was about what kind of stove to use. They ended up with a Viking. Also, don't get too excited, but there's also a video.

· The Reconstituted Rowhouse [NYT]