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70 Pine's Future Unclear, But Landmarking's Looking Likely

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It's Tuesday, so it must be time for another meeting of the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Today's festivities involved the naming of two new landmarks, 176 Remsen Street in Brooklyn Heights, a building on the campus of St. Francis College that used to be the headquarters of the Brooklyn Union Gas Company, and an old free bathhouse at 344 East 54th Street. (City Room has a little more on both buildings.)

Also on the agenda for today was a discussion on the interior and exterior landmarking of our old friend 70 Pine Street. Earlier reports had both luxury condos or mixed-use as options for the building, and the LPC tells us a hotel, apartments, and retail are all still on the table. The Historic Districts Council and Community Board 1 were also in favor of designating the 66-story tower as a landmark. Things are still pretty obscure in regard to the future, but we'll know more once the landmarking vote takes place early in the summer. ·
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70 Pine Street

70 Pine Street, New York, NY 10005