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Politician Investigating Carroll Gardens Rental Rendering

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When Carroll Gardens controversy 360 Smith Street was officially unveiled, the rendering (right) had a little surprise for us: a front yard that looked about twice as large in the image as it actually is. The Brooklyn Paper got out its rulers and confirmed that the real garden is about 80 feet long but that the scale of the rendering suggests a garden that's 131 feet long. Ruh-roh! In fact, says the Brooklyn Paper, "its proportions are so off that if this rendering were actually reality, the average human being would stand at a mere 4-foot-4." And so Assemblywoman Joan Millman is planning to investigate whether the developer or broker is in violation of a state law against misleading advertising. The building might not care much, since a broker says 360 Smith is already 50 percent rented.
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360 Smith Street

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