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New-to-Market Christodora House One-Bedroom Asks Nearly $2M

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Coveting that Christodora House penthouse and its faux-ostrich? Well, it's not for sale, but here's something that'll get you in the door of the long-standing controversy magnet. A sweet one-bedroom just showed up on the market and it's so zen. It's rare for a unit in this building to come on the market, so even if it's a little overpriced, it might get close to ask. The unit definitely doesn't come cheap at $1.85 million?but the 1,450 square feet floorplan could allow for some additional alterations. In an oddity that really isn't all that odd for Christodora House, the apartment is actually a combo unit, even though it's still a 1BR. The owner got the smaller portion of the combo for $150,000 in 1997 and the larger part for $335,000 the same year. Excuse us while we bang our heads on our desks.

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