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Three Once-Stalled Tribeca Projects Close to Selling Out

The recession robbed us of hope for a number of new development projects, but as the economy's slowly come back, so have those new condos. Today, the Journal files an update on three once-stalled Tribeca projects. Diagnosis: definitely breathing. The updates:

1) V33: The Winka Dubbeldam-designed building at 33 Vestry Street took freaking forever to show itself after hitting the market in 2007. Then it picked up some major speed, because now every unit, including the $14.95 million 4BR penthouse, is in contract.

2) 471 Washington Street: The delays at this zombie building happened during the construction phase, and all's been fairly smooth sailing since it hit the market in March. Now, 11 of the 12 apartments are in contract. The obligatory blockbuster deal is a finance honcho's planned combo of a penthouse and another apartment "to create a 7,000-square-foot space with multiple terraces and a pool."

3) 1 North Moore: 471 Washington's sibling (the two buildings share developer the Vella Group) was only just teasing us last month, but now, all but one unit is in contract. Obligatory blockbuster deal: one of the developers will be picking up a triplex penthouse.

So are there are any Tribeca zombies that haven't done well since getting reanimated this spring? The Journal tosses in a mention of 77 Reade Street, a 30-unit project that hit the market last month and doesn't yet have anything in contract. Way to make it feel great about that!
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33 Vestry Street

33 Vestry Street, New York, NY 10013