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Chelsea Residents Lose Fight Against Homeless Shelter

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The neighbors of 127 West 25th Street, the site of a planned 12-story Bowery Residents' Committee homeless shelter, have tried a wide range of tactics to stop the shelter from ever happening. First they argued there had been permit dishonesty. Then they took the fight to court, alleging that BRC and the city cooperated to flout zoning laws. But the Board of Standards and Appeals shot down that claim. And now the Bowery Residents' Committee has gotten a long-term contract with the city to operate the 200-bed shelter, DNAinfo reports. In this case, long-term means 10 years, with two five-year renewal options. BRC decided to extend an olive branch to the community with a statement about looking forward to working with "our many open-minded neighbors." About 75 of those neighbors interrupted a community meeting about the shelter yesterday with "jeers, groans and sarcasm."
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127 West 25th Street

127 West 25th Street, New York, NY