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Scarano's Unfinished 'Burg Development Sells for $3.3M

Designed by Robert Scarano, The Modern at North 7th Street in Williamsburg has had a bumpy ride. Since it was in its early stages, there were stop work orders due to workers allegedly drilling into the subway wall. That wasn't actually happening but the DOB found "shoddy excavation work" being done and decided to post a stop work order anyway. Then there were more stop work orders because workers were damaging neighboring buildings on a couple of occasions. It's been pretty quiet on The Modern front for a while, but The Real Deal is reporting a group named North 7 Acquisition LLC bought the place earlier this week for $3.3 million. Duh, there's another stop work order in effect on the 65% complete building, but they hope to get through all the red tape and finish the place by 2012. Corcoran plans to start marketing apartments in the seven-unit building later this year.
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