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What's on the Rental Market in ProCro Right Now

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State Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries has been on the warpath against new neighborhood nicknames, often created by brokers to make an area seem more desirable. A few weeks ago, Jeffries announced his intention to write legislation banning such nicknames, and he's already achieved one victory against Corcoran. Today the Brooklyn Paper reports that Jeffries has officially introduced his bill.

What put Jeffries on the warpath? ProCro, a name that aims to bring a little of Prospect Heights' gentrification into Crown Heights. Until a few months ago, we hadn't even heard of ProCro except in the media. So we decided to take a look at what's actually on the market in the?dare we use the word??neighborhood.

We found just two ProCro rental listings on Craigslist, from the same broker. The first, shown above, is a $2,100/month 3BR on St. Marks at Nostrand. The brokerbabble:

The brand new hardwood and tile floors, stainless steel appliances, utilities, energy efficient light fixtures and windows are all designed just for YOU. We know you're going to love the place, there is SO MUCH ROOM. Great for those who like to host small gatherings and the like. The second, in the same location, is a $1,600/month 2BR in which "mostly everything is new-floors-appliances-utilities-windows-french doors-you name it!"

ProCro, folks. Rent there while it's still legal.
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