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Park Avenue's Most Contemporary Penthouse Asks $25M

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Get a load of this place at 975 Park Avenue. This penthouse got the full renovation treatment, and we're actually not hating it. It's neither too modern nor is it trying to create a bombastic old-school uptown vibe. Clearly a penthouse at 83rd and Park Avenue isn't going to come cheap, and this one is going for $25,000,000. The sellers picked this place up for substantially less back in 2009, at about $9,000,000 but the renovation they've done is extensive and actually thoughtful. Obviously it's huge with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, and the outdoor space looks sweet to us but the floorplan might do it justice better than the photos. Maybe it's not going to get asking, but it's likely that some well-heeled buyer is going to want to scope this one out. Hell, it could even be a bargain for someone.

· 975 Park Avenue PH [Sotheby's]

975 Park Avenue

975 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10028