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Tenant Advocates Claim Landlords Influencing Rent Deregulation

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It looks like the rent-stabilized apartment deregulation battle just got a little juicier. Since this week's proposal by Catharine Young to allow deregulation if a tenant's household income averages $175,000 over two years, there's been a backlash by tenants rights advocates who are claiming major landlords have a big role to play in the proposal. According to the Daily News they've submitted a "Freedom of Information Law request for copies of all communications between landlord groups and top leaders in the GOP-controlled state Senate." State Dems aren't being coy about the accusations either, with an aide saying "The special interests behind the Republican-led affordable housing massacre need to be exposed." Things look like they're going to get down and dirty in Albany!
· Who's behind GOP 'affordable housing massacre,' Dems ask [NYDN]