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Two 7 Hubert Street Apartments Do Battle for Buyers

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We imagine things are peaceful in the land of private jogging tracks and very rich people. But when multiple apartments in the same high-end building come on the market at the same time?well, it's probably still peaceful. But we'll take our deathmatches, however imagined, where we can get 'em. Today, we're getting 'em at Tribeca's 7 Hubert Street. There are two new-to-market listings at the Hubey, #10A and the maisonette. Above is #10, the pricier of the two at $6.85 million.
#10A last sold in 2007 for $5.7 million. In early 2010, the buyer tried to get $7.5 million for it, but pulled it from the market a year ago. Perhaps the fresh price will be a memorable anniversary present! Here's a droolworthy bit of brokerbabble:

The library has hand-lacquered cabinetry, mother-of-pearl backing in the bookcases, and drawers lined with Hermes suede. A Creston system controls the lights and audio, walls are frescoed, the custom doors are hand-lacquered, and the ceilings are perfectly skim-coated. Can the maisonette top that skim-coating at the slightly cheaper price of $6.25 million for its 4BR, 4.5BA layout? We don't have much information to go on in the listing, but here's a look:

And here's the floorplan:

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7 Hubert Street

7 Hubert Street, New York, NY 10013