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Priciest 3-Bedroom in the Dakota is Asking $15 Million

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This 3,600 square foot unit at the Dakota just flew onto the market. It looks just as a $14,950,000 apartment in the Dakota should, with woodwork aplenty and 12 feet ceilings throughout the apartment. For all that moolah you get 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms which is just a little disappointing, considering there's a larger combination unit in the building on the market for just a couple million more. That one is likely going to need some work, though. Judging from the interior shots, this unit has been pretty meticulously cared for. Maybe it's calling out to Alphonse Fletcher Jr.?

· 1 West 72nd Unit 67

The Dakota

629 U.S. 190, , LA 70433 Visit Website