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Celebrity Photog Tries a Chop To Sell Troubled Soho Penthouse

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At 95 Greene Street, celebrity photographer Ken Nahoum and his Victoria's Secret model girlfriend have been in a fight with the condo board, which insists that the couple is $40,000 behind on common charges and late fees for the four partially combined penthouses they own in the building. The board retaliated by removing Nahoum's name from the intercom and changing the bylaws to prevent him from using the elevator. (Maybe that's how the motorcycle got stuck upstairs!) And, of course, there are foreclosure proceedings ongoing against Nahoum's apartments.

Nahoum's strategy here? Trying to sell. First there was a $25 million listing for a combo of all four penthouses. Today there's a fresh listing up, chopped in both price and size. It's for the 8,200-square-foot combination of penthouses A, B, and E only, asking a reduced $21.5 million. But perhaps it's not a better deal. The per-square-foot price of this one is $2,621, while the four-unit combo shakes out to about $2,500/square foot.
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95 Greene Street

95 Greene Street, New York, NY