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Hell's Kitchen Landmark The Windermere to Become Hotel

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Back near the end of April, we found out that the Windermere on 57th Street and Ninth Avenue in Hell's Kitchen had some scaffolding put up for façade repairs. Well, now we know what's going on. It looks like Mark Tress, who bought the place back in 2009, has plans to turn the building into a boutique hotel. It's still got some hurdles to overcome before any of this happens however, not the least of which is its location with the Special Clinton District. This requires any rehabilitation to include affordable housing units, which Tress and Project Find (the charity in charge of the special housing units) have been unsuccessfully negotiating. It looks like these talks could take a while. Tress hopes that when the rehab is complete and the hurdles have been overcome, the future hotel will attract frugal European clientele away from places like the Yotel.
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