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Unfortunate Outsiders had Faith in Donald Trump; Lost Everything

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Opinion on Donald Trump tends to vary throughout the city but for the most part the words "revere" and "faith" don't really show up in most people's minds when they first think about him. It's more like "comb over", "wtf" and "Jesus that is fugly." Turns out that people from outside New York often feel a different kind of sentiment. The New York Times just did a pretty extensive job of dissecting how great of a money making machine Trump is, and the people who have stupidly bought into his image. The Donald has a habit of lending his name to projects that give the appearance that he's the developer, but in fact it's just a glorified endorsement. Several people thought they were making a sound investment in these properties, but it turns out they just got screwed when the developments in places like Fort Lauderdale and Tampa run out money and are zombies now. Well, they're not gonna take it! About 300 of them are suing Trump and his company hoping to get their money back. We would just settle for a box of that sweet, sweet Donald Trump chocolate.
· Feeling Deceived Over Homes That Were Trump in Name Only [NYT]