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Rockefeller "Retreat" on Beekman Place Arrives for Almost $11M

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If you can pry your envious eyes away from that bedroom shot, let's get down to some business. This massive 5,200 square foot behemoth of a property at One Beekman Place just came to the market, and damn, it is just oozing class. Then again, why wouldn't it, the place was "built by John D. Rockefeller in 1929 as a retreat for his friends and family." Wouldn't it be nice if your idea of a "retreat" was to go all the way to the East River? Being the ballers that they were, the Rockefellers proportioned this place really well, and its got four bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. That should be plenty of room for your weekend caravan from Park Avenue. Asking? An aristocratic $10,750,000 with a maintenance of $8,800 a month.

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