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Upper East Side Apartment Transports You to a Weird Countryside

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115 East 87th Street is soon becoming one of our go to destinations for WTF decorating choices. First we saw the Green Monster, which will remain burned into our psyche forever. This apartment isn't nearly as bad, but it's just as puzzling. In general it's a nice enough place, a two bedroom two bathroom co-op on the Upper East Side with great views for $2,195,000. Nothing special at all. Until you look at the shots of the living room and dining area. All the walls are painted with images of a countryside, filled with trees and quaint cottages. We're reasonable people so we're not going to go as far as "That's Rather Hideous", but does anybody really want all the walls of their common living area to be a mural? Maybe you people are out there. You odd, strange people.

· 115 East 87th Street [Stribling]