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$2.7M Vinegar Hill Penthouse Wants to Play With the Big Boys

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79 Bridge Street is kind of a mysterious building. Listings are pretty scarce, and we haven't really heard of any activity happening since the great shadow scare of 2005. That is, until now. A penthouse in the building just hit the market and it's asking a hefty $2,700,000. In terms of size the place delivers with over 2,800 square feet over five bedrooms and four baths. The location isn't exactly prime Dumbo (since it's not Dumbo at all) so that price could be a little hard to swallow. A perfect comparison is the penthouse on the market at 70 Washington asking $2,800,000 with insane views, but only 1,577 square feet. Think 79 Bridge has a shot?

· ListingL 79 Bridge Street 6A/C [BHS]