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Coming Back Home to the 35th Floor, Overlooking the Park

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You could say Andrew Chesler kind of hit the lottery when it comes to real estate on the Upper West Side. He was living in a cramped apartment on 90th and Columbus with his wife and daughter until his widowed mother had suggested that the family move in, splitting her four-bedroom apartment into two two-bedroom units. Andrew conceded, even with some initial hesitations about the idea of moving into what would be tight fit in an apartment next door to his mother. The draw of a 35th floor apartment in the Mayfair Towers next to the Dakota right off the park was too great and the family decided to move. The kitchen is a little cramped, but the views are one of a kind and can be seen from the two walls of glass in the living room and kitchen. One of the bedrooms also has pretty majestic park views. On top of that, having a babysitter right next door can't be bad either.
· A Family Compound on the 35th Floor [NYT]