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Upper West Side Condo Goes Rental Starting at $11,000/Month

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208 West 96th Street makes a mean frittata, but free food wasn't enough to sell the nine three-bedroom units at the unusual-looking building. A tipster passing by sent in the above shot, and the building website confirms what it says on the sign: 208 West 96th has gone rental. Given that these are Upper West Side 3BRs formerly asking $2.29 million to $2.395 million, we took a peek at the listings expecting quite sizable rents, and indeed, the cheapest rental currently on offer is asking $11,000/month. The most expensive, which has an 874-square-foot terrace, is asking $12,000/month. Guess downtown's latest nondo is in similarly pricey company.
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208 west 96th St

208 West 96th Street, New York, NY