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The Latest in Gowanus Canal Real Estate: Hipster Houseboats

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When we heard that the Bushwick hipster trailer park would not survive its recent eviction from a Meserole Street warehouse, we were left with one question: is there any place in Brooklyn still safe for hipster living? The Post reminds us that there is: the Gowanus Canal, currently home to three hipster houseboats. (There's also a fourth Gowanus houseboat inhabited by environmentalist Adam Katzman, who has put together his own rain-harvesting and septic systems.) The boaters have permission from property owners?the hipster houseboat collective is located behind a truck lot off President and Bond streets?to dock, though the boats themselves are still illegal without DOB and Fire Department inspections. Not exactly how we were envisioning the Gowanus Canal real estate boom.
While hipsters are living it up on the Gowanus Canal that is, students at Columbia and Parsons have been imagining the Gowanus Canal of the future. Pardon Me for Asking went to the schools' exhibition of Gowanus Canal-related student projects this weekend and has some images of the students' plans for the post-Superfund cleanup waterway. One idea: electric plug-in parks for cars. Sounds like the perfect accessory for a houseboat owner!
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