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Mafia Blues: There Goes The Neighborhood (Again)

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The bad olde days are back in central Greenwich Village. Not only has open drug-dealing returned to the streets around Washington Square Park, now, open attempted murder--not seen since the Dinkins era--is back in the voguish 'hood lately best known for clebs, trustafarians and east siders escaping their roots.

Over the weekend, a driver aimed his car at a plain clothes cop in the midst of making a drug bust, ramming him against an iron fence in front of one of those quaint landmark Village townhouses. Not once, but twice. Reported so far: the driver apparently had a beef with the cop, and was taken into custody for psychiatric evaluation after a brief chase; the cop suffered minor injuries; the building fared worse, its fence ripped from its concrete moorings and dragged down the street.
Unreported so far, the site of the incident, 73 Washington Place, half a block from Washington Square, is the home of the Progressive Era Association. Its president, Robert Ianniello, the longtime proprietor of Umberto's Clam House, site of the murder of mobster "Crazy Joey" Gallo, is a brother of Matthew "Matty the Horse" Ianniello, longtime star of the Genovese crime family. Back in the day, brokers used to mention the Progressive Era's Mob connection to sell the block as a safe one. The mighty have fallen along with their fences.
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