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Avalon West Chelsea Plays Demolition Derby on West 28th Street

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Over in the hinterlands of West Chelsea, along the low-slung block of West 28th Street near Eleventh Avenue, the crew from SLCE is wiping away the past and getting ready to build new. This is where the Avalon West Chelsea will rise, a full 691 units situated just beyond a wildflower field blooming atop the High Line's newest stretch. This vast tract of lumber yards and building supply warehouses has been leveled, and what's to come remains a bit of a mystery.
Paperwork was first filed back in 2008, but then the financial freeze set in and this site became just another "maybe" on the long list of stalled projects. Now test pits have been approved and demo is in the final stages. Renders are nowhere to be found, but sleuthy real estate blogger Ivie Clifford, who tags this new nabe as "The Higher Line," reports that we'll see "one lobby, two towers."

Digging through the project's paperwork reveals more of what's to come. The plumbing application, still not approved, indicates something long and 13 stories tall, with 500+ garbage disposals spread throughout. Based on the number of fixtures found on floors 14 to 27, signs point to a tower with set backs, with 9 units per floor from 14 to 23 and 5 on each floor from 24 to 27. Views of Jersey and spots west are in store. As for where to find the best views of construction at Avalon West Chelsea? We nominate the +aRT condos just across the way, the glass-bricked tower wrapped in chain mail that is the soon-to-open Hotel Americano, and the festive roof deck at the Eagle.
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