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Evicted Eccentrics

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"The march of progress, even in the cultural world, is never without costs," writes Judith H. Dobrzynski at RealClearArts, inspired by the upcoming New York run of Lost Bohemia, the photographer/filmmaker Josef Astor's landmark documentary on the now-vanished 160 artists' studios above Carnegie Hall. The tenants of that artistic enclave, all of them evicted over the last decade, have included George Balanchine, Mark Twain, Norman Mailer, Isadora Duncan, Barnett Newman, Elizabeth Sargent and many more. "Through interviews with the last marvelous and eccentric artists-in-residence at home in these secret spaces where artists and performers have lived and worked for over 100 years, Lost Bohemia is at once humorous and heartbreaking," says artist Pamela Talese. Showings begin Friday at the IFC Center on lower Sixth Avenue. [Curbed; previously]