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Scamster's Dakota Apartment Sells for $4.5 Million

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Continuing the recent Dakota news blitz that began when resident Alphonse Fletcher Jr. filed a discrimination lawsuit against the building board, here's the latest. The street-level 2BR owned by Jan-Dirk Paarlberg, a Dutch investor sentenced to 4.5 years in prison for fraud, forgery, and money laundering, has sold. The buyer, according to The Real Deal, is Bettina Caiola, and the money she forked over will go to the U.S. Marshals. You do hate to see that.

So how much will the Marshals be getting? The final sale price was $4.6 million. Paarlberg paid $4.5 million for the place?which comes with a ninth-floor studio?in 2001. And that brings it back around to the man without whom no Dakota story these days can be complete, Alphonse Fletcher Jr., who once owned Paarlberg's apartment.
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