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Heart of the City: Welcome to Vuitton

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Back in the day, a friend with a studio on Sutton Place South insisted she lived in a neighborhood called Vuitton. It was, she explained in a French accent she wasn't born with, niez-ehr oop-ton nor dahn-ton, but rather Vuitton, somewhere in the middle of Manhattan, rare, chic and only for the knowing few. Sort of like Vuitton before Bernard Arnault and Marc Jacobs. It's taken a few years, but a neighborhood worthy of the name has indeed emerged. So in honor of State Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries and his jihad against new neighborhood names, we hereby propose that an expanded version of Vuitton become the latest addition to Greater Manhattan.
Vuitton begins, as our friend suggested, on Sutton Place, and cuts across Manhattan on an expensively subtle diagonal, taking in Beacon Court, The Plaza, the apartments houses of Central Park South (including the Sherry-Netherland, Hampshire House and Essex House but not the Pierre--too Upper East Sidey) and 57th Street (yes, Extell57, you're invited along with Metropolitan Tower and Carnegie Tower--though you better be careful about blocking their views), the Briarcliff (home of Celebrity Service founder Earl Blackwell,'s penthouse ballroom, now owned by financier Wilbur Ross), the Osborne, Alwyn Court, the Gainsborough Studios, and Time-Warner, then turning ever-so slightly north to end at Fifteen Central Park West. So realtors, take note: With its exquisite, signature architecture, gracious spaces and totally excellent comps, Vuitton is, with apologies to Anthony Trollope, The Way We Live Now.

The Osborne

205 West 57th Street, New York, NY

Jumeirah Essex House

160 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019

The Plaza

Central Park South, Manhattan, NY 10019 Visit Website