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Trophy Hunter: Diana Quasha Makes $8 Million at One Beacon

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Real Estate Weekly reports that unit 46B at One Beacon Court has been sold for $14.45 million to 48 Acquisition, LLC, which just sold an apartment at Trump Tower at 721 Fifth Avenue for $13.3 million. The Beacon Court seller, Diana Quasha, has a history of living in trophy apartments. In fact, she was almost mentioned in 740 Park but got cut for space. Time to make up for that!

Back in 1979, Diana was married to a lawyer named Alan Quasha, the son of a Philippine banker, when they bought apartment 2/3B at the storied Rosario Candela fortress on 71st Street. They didn't live there long, though. Indeed, they never even finished furnishing the place; the Quashas closed off the dining room and let their kids ride their tricycles in it--and sold it before Alan gained a certain renown as the chairman of Harkin Energy, which paid one George W. Bush $600,000 when it bought a near-bankrupt oil company from him, then gave the future president a consulting contract and stock options. All told, young Bush made over $1 million, while Harkin was losing much larger sums.

The Quashas put their 740 duplex on the market for $1.5 million in 1980 and sold it a week later for $1.1 million to Yvonne and Gustavo de Jimenez, wealthy South American newlyweds who were moving to New York. His ex-wife did much better at Beacon Court. She purchased her three-bed, three-bath 2,936 square foot apartment there--which boasts 25 floor-to-ceiling windows--for $6.23 million in 2005. Though she had to cut her price from an original ask of $17.5 million in September 2010 to $16.5 million this January, she still made a $8.22 million profit. (A personal note: Nice staging of those shoes, Diana!)

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