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Rearview of City's Tallest Residential Building Revealed

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Carnegie 57, the rising condo/hotel that will soon be New York's tallest residential building, sits on an odd and cramped block-through parcel that backs onto West 58th Street, where developer Extell tore down a parking garage, but was unable to buy the adjacent The Park Savoy Hotel and had to settle for what it could get. So the tower's back side has far less street frontage. Understandably, then--and unlike the Four Seasons Hotel across town--Extell's erection will not offer hotel guests or residents easy rear entry on quiet but slightly grungy 58th, and its rear end has never been shown in any of the renderings of starchitect Christian de Portzamparc. No wonder; it's apparently not going to be pretty. But a tipster has sent us this photo of what appears to be the promised (and apparently five stories tall) ballroom of the Park Hyatt Hotel planned for the big building's little bottom.
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