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Woolworth Building's Upper Floors Will Go Rental or Hotel

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The Woolworth Building: there's a renovation project that hasn't crossed our radar for a while. In fact, last we visited the building in 2007, it was in the midst of an internal makeover to create an office tower with country club exclusivity. Now the years-in-progress redo of the legendary Cass Gilbert creation is in the news again, with a slightly different future in the works. The Post's Lois Weiss reports that the building's owners will decide within the next 30 to 45 days whether the Woolworth's top floors will be a hotel or rental apartments. The permits for $6 million worth of work got Department of Buildings approval earlier this month. As for which of its possible futures is more likely, building partner Steve Witkoff says lots of interested parties have come forward to do the floors as a hotel, but rentals might be a better financial move for the owners. They might as well take their time deciding?this is one building where we're used to being kept waiting.
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