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Condé Nast Officially Signs on at 1 World Trade Center

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It's official: Condé Nast has agreed to lease a million square feet at 1 World Trade Center, in a deal worth about $2 billion over 25 years. (Guess the new look is in.) The Condé gang has been considering the move for a year, and was reportedly close to signing a lease back in January. So what took so long? Not surprisingly for the artist formerly known as the Freedom Tower, security! But with a Vogue twist.

The Times' Charles Bagli explains, "the negotiations involved reams of traffic studies and security discussions, to ensure that [Condé's] black cars (more than 100), its racks of designer dresses and its well-shod executives would be able to pass swiftly each day through the police-imposed security zone that is to surround the complex." And the Port Authority had to agree to take care of Condé Nast's current lease in Times Square once the publisher moves to floors 20 through 41 of 1 WTC in 2014. Perhaps the next round of FiDi luxury residential conversions will find some takers among the Condé crowd.
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