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Neighbors Hate on Dave and Busters Copycat Near Barclays Center

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More news and blues on the arenafication of the streets around the coming Barclays Center. Local landlord Henry Weinstein, who was an early opponent and plaintiff in the Atlantic Yards eminent domain cases, is seeking to cash in by seeking more lowest common denominator tenants for his property across Flatbush Avenue from the complex, reports Brooklyn Paper. Weinstein was already planning to install a gastropub-sports bar-pizzeria-falafel joint in a building he owns at Pacific Street and Flatbush Avenue. Now, he's running an online ad that gushes the 35,000 remaining square foot space is "'perfect for ‘Dave and Busters’ type' entertainment," the BP says, "a reference to the frenetic Texas-based chain that’s been described as a Chuck E. Cheese with beer."

"How about neon or digital behind glass, aimed at the crowds streaming into the Barclays Arena?” the ad goes on. “Our architect calls it a ‘sexy space’ — we call it a freakin’ GOLDMINE for the right user!” Neighbors, of course, fear that what's right for Weinstein will be wrong, wrong, wrong for them. "Anything that large, right around the corner from a residential block, won't exactly be easy to live with," worries Atlantic Yards Report. But maybe that's Weinstein's savvy plan: to kill off NIMBY neighbors with a nice healthy diet of pizza, weiners and beer.

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