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33 Downtown Construction Projects That Aren't NYU's Big Ones

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Big Purple just turned in its homework for the big NYU 2031 expansion plan: an Environmental Assessment Statement and a draft scoping document Phase I, which deals with the superblocks that make up NYU's "core" in Greenwich Village. As part of the report, NYU had to list other upcoming construction projects near its own to better help City Planning understand the impact of NYU's development ambitions. Through field surveys and Buildings Department records, NYU has done just that. A tipster forwarded along the list, which doesn't break any huge news, but is a good tool when it comes to figuring out what all that banging is outside your windows.

A lot of these planned developments we've heard about before, and some we've long forgotten. Others sound fresh, like 22,000 square feet of residential space at 142 Bowery, and 10,000 square feet of residential at 145 Ludlow Street. Because NYU's core is so centrally located, the study dips into a wide variety of neighborhoods. And remember, not everything listed is guaranteed to be built, because these are not NYU projects. Actually, some of them are! Take a look:

No Build Projects 3-25-11
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