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Laurie Tisch Takes $15 Million For Half Her Brentmore Duplex

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Splitting the difference helped brokers Cindy Kurtin and Jessica Vertullo Maher sell Loews' heiress Laurie Tisch's Apartment 9N at The Brentmore on Central Park West, which just closed for $15 million. The buyer, Jeffrey L. Gates, the founding partner and president of an asset management and investment advisory firm, already lives three floors down in the building.

You may recall this famous nine-room sprawl with park views out big windows as half of the duplex that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick sniffed around but decided against earlier this year. The 15-room duplex with units 9N and 10W was initially listed together for $21.5 million but was later split into 2 separate units by Stribling, broker on them both.

The last time an apartment sold in the storied 1910 Schwartz and Gross building, Gordon Sumner, aka Sting, got $17.75 million for a low-floor duplex in 2010. Tisch, the daughter of former Postmaster General Preston Robert "Bob" Tisch, paid $29 million for a 13-room, two-bedroom, four-fireplace co-op on the 13th-floor of 834 Fifth Avenue in 2009. She listed the west side palace for $21.5 million last fall, then split them up and dropped the price on the lower half from $18.25 million to $17.25 million this spring. Maybe she can use some of her profits to fix that fountain in Washington Square.

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