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Gross Out: Thanks for the Constructive Critiques

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The reviews are in and apparently, I suck.
"What is up with the editing on curbed?"
"Why is this on curbed?"
"Quite possibly the dumbest thing I have ever read on Curbed"
"So stupid and pompous that it's comical"
"I'm closing my eyes and dreaming of the Joey days"
And most evocative of all: "headdesk"
So thank goodness for the odd bits of encouragement that came from Lockhart, Sara, Sarah and Joey. Without them, I might have slit my wrists, or at least my Roadrunner cable. But seriously, Fidelio, you should apply for the job. Even Joey thinks headdesk is awfully clever. Me, I'm going back to something people seem to like me to do: writing books--at least until another blog kingpin offers me a spoonful of Fruit Loops for a week of my time. Add some sugar next time, willya?

If any of you miss me (yeah, right), you can find the odd screed at gripepad, my column every other week in Crain's New York Business, the odd story in Travel + Leisure, and those books (did I mention that usually, I write books? You remember books, don't you?) which I, for one, highly recommend. Model is being republished in an updated edition on September 13th. 740 Park just won't go away. Rogues' Gallery keeps ruffling feathers in the Metropolitan Museum Historic District (Hi, Annette! Hey, Henry K. and Bob Silvers, how's the book suppression business these days?) And then there's Unreal Estate: Money, Ambition and the Lust For Land in Los Angeles, coming November 1st. It's 740 Park plus sun, acreage, screening rooms, swimmin' pools, movie stars plus a bunch of hookers and a couple of porn moguls. They don't let porn moguls buy trophy real estate in New York. More's the pity.

And with that, headdesk.