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DJ's Sunset Park Hotel Will Have a Light Show, of Course

The wait for Sunset Park's Hotel BPM, the DJ-run, 75-room hotel at 139 33rd Street, just got longer: the inn that was originally slated to open this summer is now, according to its website, not arriving until fall. But we can handle the wait if it means fresh intel about what DJ Bijal has in mind for the place, where the name stands for "beats per minute" and there will be a soundtrack constantly streaming. The DJ shares some plans with Hotel Chatter, and...there's gonna be a light show. "A distinct mode of lighting will appear at night and on weekends?like automated, neon tube lights and giant project equalizers bouncing up and down in time to the music." Echoes of Hotel Le Bleu? This does sound like the kind of place an aging rocker might enjoy.
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