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Overachieving Upper East Side Townhouse Boasts Pool & Theater

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This behemoth of a townhouse at 232 East 63rd Street just hit the market asking $27,000,000. The place is 11,400 square feet and the renovation sure looks, er, fancy. The aesthetic might be a bit much but it's the amenities that grabbed our attention. The townhouse features "an award-winning indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi, five outdoor spaces, hand painted moldings and railings, Venetian plaster, Brazilian cherry herringbone floors, solid core wood doors, and 21st technology." It's also got a theater in there somewhere. The renovation is pretty extensive, which is likely why the seller wants such a fat profit after picking up the place for $6,960,000 in 2008. Think it has a chance, being that it's between 3rd and 2nd Avenues? · Listing: 232 East 63rd Street [Leslie Garfield]