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115 Allen Street Penthouse Returns for a Whopping $5.5 Million

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We've been following 115 Allen Street for years and now after years of silence, the Penthouse is back on the market. All the way back in 2004, Felix Salmon said "...if the penthouse does go for $4.5 million, I'll just hop on one of those flying pigs and leave a bottle of fine Scotch on the new owners' terrace." Well, he better get those pigs at the ready because the penthouse is now asking $5,495,000 for its 2,610 interior square feet and 1,391 square feet of outdoor space. That means they're asking $2,105 per square foot for life on the Lower East Side. Insanity? Is a sale at this price the true beginning of the rapture?
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115 Allen Street

115 Allen Street, New York, NY 10002